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Who We Are

Welcome to Beatle Woods; the region’s first fully outdoor forest nursery providing 2-5 year olds with the unique opportunity to experience nature and to become confident learners.

“The best classroom and the richest cupboard is roofed only by the sky”

(Margaret McMillan)

Beatle Woods is situated in a beautiful 10 acre secure woodland in Balsall Common where children are able to develop resilience, independence and a curiosity for nature.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage and ensure that learning happens naturally in our safe forest environment; children have unlimited access to natural resources and the opportunity to be physically active.

About Us

Beatle Woods was established to give children an awe-inspiring, curiosity creating an experience and to show them how important a healthy lifestyle is. This will provide children with self-awareness, self-esteem, resilience and an intrinsic motivation to learn. These are characteristics and attitudes we know are essential tools for a happy and successful life.

We are also able to offer both planned and whole team training events on our site for early years practitioners to explore and extend their knowledge with regards to all aspects of outdoor play. We work in conjunction with Kate Moxley EY consultant. Please see Kate Moxley EYC |

Scientifically proven

How Children Learn

The EYFS covers all seven areas of learning and development and we explore all of these through a plethora of play based, child-led activities that encourage children to ‘explore’. We place emphasis on the three PRIME areas of development (Personal, social and emotional, Physical development; Communication and language) whilst ensuring we build the essential foundations for the SPECIFIC areas (Understanding of the world, Expressive arts & design, Maths and Literacy). Each day, starting with your child’s individual interests, we provide opportunities for them to develop and learn in each of the seven areas whilst developing the Characteristics of Effective Learning.

We believe that children should leave us having developed a holistic approach to learning, which means being a resilient, confident, motivated and curious learner. Our aim is to ensure each child is enthusiastic about learning and has a ‘can do’ attitude. It isn’t about the destination; it’s the journey and the process that is important.


Being in the woods creates natural curiosity and engages children in a unique and captivating way. There is no ‘rush’ and children develop a sense of wonder about nature as they watch the seasons change.


Children are encouraged to reflect each day on their own experiences and to spend time talking about their feelings. Children take ‘time’ to think about their play, how this has made them feel and what they’d like to do next!


Moving around the outdoor environment provides a unique set of challenges that are crucial for physical development and well-being: climbing, jumping, balancing, carrying, pulling and swinging.


Underpinning all aspects of the EYFS is personal and emotional development; children need to make friends and play in a collaborative way; playing in the woods encourages and fosters children to support one another, create together, play together and have fun! It is the perfect backdrop for social experiences and interaction.


Children are naturally curious and love to explore; our outdoor environment captures this perfectly and allows children to discover the world around them and provides endless opportunities to express their creative side using natural resources that are found in abundance. This naturally promotes and enhances problem solving skills as children work out new ways of doing things.

Need more information?

We know you have lots of questions…

How do I enrol my child?

Beatle Woods opens Monday to Friday 9am to 3 pm term time; to express your interest, please contact us using our contact form

Is there a minimum number of sessions my child must attend?

We know that this experience is different and we ask for a minimum attendance of 2 days per week to ensure your child settles quickly and begins to access new learning opportunities.

Can I visit Beatle Woods?

You can visit Beatle Woods without an appointment on any day we are open; however if you are making a special trip, it may be worth calling ahead to make sure we are on site and not out in the local area. Our nursery mobile number is 07565 635471

How do Government funded places work?

Every child can access 570 hours of free Early Education from the term after their 3rd birthday. Beatle Woods offers this to a limited number of children across the school term.

  1. Additional hours are charged as follows:

Sessional days: 9:00am to 3:00pm. Up to 15 hours per week over 38 weeks per year = 570 hours per year

Note: If on a mobile, please rotate to landscape to see the full table. Thank you.

Attendance (days per week) Funded hours per week Additional hours per week Number of weeks per year Cost of additional hours per week Cost of unfunded place per week
2 10 2 38 £33.00 £90.00
3 15 3 38 £49.50 £135.00
4 15 9 38 £66.00 £180.00
5 15 15 38 £114.00 £210.00

*38 weeks per year, billed per half term. Charged half termly depending on the number of weeks in the term.

What are the fees?

Fees for non-funded children are £45.00 per day. If your child is eligible for 15/30 hours funding, we ask that they attend for a minimum of 2 days and we claim 5 hours per day. Additional hours are charged as per the table in the above FAQ.

What happens when it rains or it is really cold?

We don’t see weather as a barrier to learning or fun! Children are happy or play whatever the weather. We do have some natural built shelter on site and also a 4 metre tipi tent permanently erected. We can erect lightweight tarpaulins wherever we are on site in the event of a sudden downpour. Provided children have the appropriate clothing and are warm and dry, they will happily play outdoors regardless. We do have a kit list in our enrolment pack, available by contacting us using the contact form or calling us on 07565 635471.

What about clothing?

At the point of registration and confirmation of your child’s place, we provide a your child with a set of Didrikson’s waterproofs and a child’s sized back pack for additional clothing Your child must come dressed in the supplied waterproofs so that we can ensure their safety and follow our safeguarding procedures. The set are yours to keep so you can use them away from Beatle Woods. If you subsequently require the next size or an additional set, these can be purchased from us for an additional charge of £35.00.

What about severe weather?

We plan to stay outdoors in most weathers but in severe storms or where we feel safety is compromised, we have a large building on site where we will seek temporary refuge. If the weather continues to be severe, our forest school leader will decide whether we can return to the woods or end the session.

What happens in the case of an accident?

Children become very skilled at managing their own risks and are quickly able to assess situations, much more so than those who don’t spend time outdoors. We do have an emergency evacuation and action plan and in the case of an accident our first aiders will attend to your child whilst we summon medical assistance if required.

What about going to the toilet?

We have a base camp at which we start each day and return to as and when we like.. Here we erect special toilet tents with portable flushing toilets along with warm water and soap for handwashing. Children still in nappies are changed in designated areas within the toilet tents. Please provide nappies and wipes.

What about eating?

We provide children with healthy snacks mid-morning and mid-afternoon and access to drinking water and milk. Please send your child with a packed lunch in a named box which we will store in cool boxes. Please also ensure your child has a named drinks bottle that can be refilled during the day.

What happens if my child needs a nap?

For children who sleep during the day, we have both our large tipi tent and several smaller cosy tents with inflatable beds for rest time.

How do you keep my child safe?

Safeguarding is the most important factor for Beatle Woods. We operate from a fenced 10 acre woodland site in Frog Lane Balsall Common and have sole access during our hours of operation. Each day our risk assessments ensure we check the site and the specific areas that we will use that day and encourage children to help with this. We also have a ‘safety talk’ each morning involving the children to think about their own safety. To further ensure safety, we operate on a strict ratio of one practitioner for every 4 children (Children are always supervised and in the sight and proximity of at least 2 practitioners within the set boundary for each session. We encourage children to stay safe by playing games that reinforce the importance of staying close and playing within the boundaries set.


For further information and enquiries, please contact us:

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Beatle Woods, Frogmore Grange, Frog Lane, Balsall Common, CV7 7FP

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